Tuesday, 29 June 2010

PostyPostPostPOSTT [50]

I'm getting so much entertainment outta my new electric body trim thingamabob!!
I dont have my pedometer yet -.- But this will do for now.
I also got a replacement for my back massager thing which I plug into my laptop. I broke the last one somehow.
Okay this thing feels weird.
I might just wear it in school tomorrow XD
In maths.
Or when Skei hugs me...
'Uh Kodi.. WTF is that vibraton coming from your stomach..?'
'Its my new sex toy ;)' *Skei looks at me weird* 'No no I'm joking! Its to keep me from falling asleep in lessons!!'
Actually thats not a bad idea...
I'm actually considering it!
Oh I want to talk about two friends of mine. Kate and J. Both girls btw, and thinner than me. J is the skinniest of us three. But in science we some how got to talking about color bones. Kate and J hate (seriously) how much thier's stick out. I was like 'Uhh Why?? I think sticky out color bones a really pretty!' and they wanted color bones like mine! WTF!!
Mine, you can barly see them. I want ones like thiers.
'Hey howa bout we change bodies! I'm sure I'd be MUCH happier a couple of dress sizes smaller! I could deal with being ginger!'
'Oh hey sure! You can be as skinny as me and I'll be as fat as you!!!!'
Okay I dunno why I just typed that. I'm guessing its my view on the situation.
Oh and we got to see a (fake) sceleton in class. I named her Annie Anorexic. Seemed to be a good joke... *shifty eyes* I grew attatched to her, I felt bad for her, the way she was exploited infront of the class like Sir lifting her leg up... how shameful!!
Right I'll stop rambling now :)
I have nothing to do but I also have nothing else I want to say!
I love youu
And it still surprises me when I come on here and see 19 followers :D
P.S I would like Katy Perry for my birthday please XD

Monday, 28 June 2010

Oh Fuck it!! [49]

I know it was supposed to be my 4 week weigh in but I dont see the point in showing you lot how fat I still am so I'm leaving it another 4 weeks.
Hope you dont mind XP
Right now I'm helping Skei with exercises he could do to tone his upper body. He doesn't like it so I'm going to help him healthily tone his body.
Atm I've got stuff like;
-bicep curls
-sit ups
-push ups
-triceps dips
-side plank
he want to tone and build some more muscle so I'm giving him a list for him to google if he doesn't know what they are. I think they'll work well if he does them a couple times a week. Right?
Arghh I have work experience next week. And the week after. Two weeks with out Skei Because the person who does my work experience is a friend of my mums, I'm staying with her. She's the ex-Bulimic. And most of the time she goes to a different job in the morning and then comes back home then off to her Dance school (which she owns and teaches) so I can fit in some exercise in the morning, not eat until she gets back then go to work with her, probably doing some form of physical work and I'll have to do some paperwork as well. So it should be good. I can have lyins and exercise and morning fasts. I have a feeling we'll end up having a take out within the two weeks! >.< either that or a crappy attempt at food! So I'll really have to work hard if I'm to burn off the calories from the shit I could possibly end up eating! Gawd. I didn't think of that before! Arse.
Hopefully I'll get away with it! WOO! :/
I'll keep posting occationally in the weeks though because I'm allowed to take my laptop up there (WIN!) and I'll have internet access.. I'll doubtfully go on PT in those two weeks though, you never know what people can do with computers. :/
I'm tired. But I dont want to sleep.
This week is basically DUE IN ALL HOMEWORK WEEK.
English Essay Thursday
German CourseWork Wednesday
Citizenship Stage 5 Tomorrow [I've done it so dont worry!]
I'm going to fast better the next two days.
I have P.E. tomorrow as well.
I had a dream about my P.E. teacher >.<
Twas weird.
(Me btw. I'm the fatty!)

Sunday, 27 June 2010

I'm Back Petite Uhm... Compain! [48]

Oh My Gawd.
I'm back!
Busy Busy weekend :3
for once.
OMG I'M POPULAR! Well not really, I only saw 3 people. But hey at least I saw some people! Now I feel all gross and in dying need of a LONG COLD SHOWER.
Right heres the basics.
I went over Manny's housee :D we went up the shopp... I had an icecream >.< and bought two coke zeros <3
Then Skei turned up like 2/3 hours later. We stay over Manny's after managing to sweet talk Manny's mum and get passed my mums HUGE mood with me for not texting earlier...
The next day We all went up the shop again but this time Joe came along after he got pissed the night before (pfft, I never get pissed. I have no life) had another fucking ice cream aaaand some of Manny's milkshake.
Theeeeennn Manny got his sister to take me and Skei back to my housee and we yeah, he stayed over.
In fact he just left thanks to his fucker of a dad. I dont like his dad. A coke addict, and I dont mean the beverage coke. Yeah full on COCAINE.
Yes well because of the heat I'm sure I've woken up in a different country. STILL haven't tanned my legs, fucking sun, and am becoming more and more tempted to start going for walks again and tae regular cold showers. OMG I might take one everyday which will burn calories and make me skinny! XD Okay, Plan.
As soon as I've finished this post I'm going for a cold shower for about... 30-40 minutes. Plus mayyyybeeee 20 more minutes to wash my hair? I'll just time an hour XD
for every degree my temperature goes down I burn 200 cals... How the fuck am I going to measure the temperature of a shower?
But the main point here is I haven't done my English for tomorrow, I've eaten badly and only have 3 days to lose 3 pounds. Three day fast it is!
3 day fast
cold showers
If I must eat, have an apple.
Exercise. I don't care if I'm not supposed to! I WILL!
And clean my room. Its a tip.
There's my weekend update!
Oh and surprisingly I haven't gained from my bingey fest weekend!
P.S Spell checker. GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Warning. Bad Language In Selected Post. [47]

I hate school. Clicheeeeee.
But really. I hate school. It makes me feel like an idiot even though I'm sure I have a reasonably good IQ.
Bad day. Very bad day.
God I have such drastic mood swings don't I?
*Sighhh* Well remember I said I have a Science exam today?
Yeah well, I'm supposed to be doing the higher papers.
But once again, they put me in foundation (the 'Not-so-smart' paper).
I had a fit. Again.
I really need to control these frickin' emotions.
I wouldn't mind if I went all out angry and shouted at every fucker who walks past, but I cry. I end up crying. Whats wrong with me?!
I had to walk about in front of basically my whole year coz I had no idea where my paper was. So I marched up to Mr. StupidPeadoFucker and asked if I was put of the fucking foundation again. He said Yes. Twat. So I calmly explained 'But I'm supposed to be doing the higher paper' and he just quoted what he said last time. 'Well lets just see how you do in the foundation.'
Scuse the extreme language. I am uberr PISSED!
I basically bit a hole in my lip, holding in my psycho rage. As soon as I left the exam hall I threw a paddy and tossed my calculator across the playground. I retrieved it later btw.
I spoke to one of my dumb-ass science teachers and he didn't answer my question of 'why did you put me in foundation when all my mock exams have been HIGHER?!' and I started crying.
He tolds me not to worry I could take it again if my marks are high enough.
But. That's not the point.
The point is you and Ms. Fucking Priss cant make your minds up about weather I'm smart or just as stupid as the fucking rest of my class! And tbqh. I DON'T WANT TO TAKE THEM AGAIN.
I WAS HUMILIATED IN FRONT OF MY WHOLE YEAR(including Kitty who was blaitz taking the higher paper. Fuck.Ing.Shoot.Me.)
*Mental punch to the faceeee*
*Mental head butt!!*
*and an array of mental physical violence*
God I'm so tired now.
My mums pissed.
They've done it to me TWICE now.
*face plants keyboard*
And reading your comments brightened my day.
Feel appreciated!
I love you guys too!
*face plants keyboard one more time.*

P.S a Pleb is basically an astonishingly dim person.
I'm obviously one of them.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Hulloo :3
Today was pretty AWSOMEO XD
Yeah I'm hyper at... 9:38pm
I've had about 3-4 coffees, about 20 happy pills and a bottle of coke zero.
Oh God.
I need to calm down.
Right. I'm calm.
Okay no I'm not.
Not going to Tai Kwon-do anymore. Frickin' instructoer dude apparently cant do it anymore (bastard).
I have an exam tomorrow too. Science. I'll be fine! I'm good at Science!!
I'm doing well on the exercise everyday front. Btw I have to try hard from the beginning or I just dont do it!
God I'm like a bloody fish today!
But yes, Thank you everyone who congradulated me on my ONE STONE WEIGHTLOSS!
:D Made my day even better!
Seriously, I'm enjoying the attention! ^-^
Little sketty attention seeker...
I space out too much. And organize EVERYTHING out of place.
Is it weird that I actually stopped my friend working in the middle of a lesson to straighten out her papers? Yes? Oh. Psssh...
OMG I've been drawing! I might have to take pictures of my drawings and upload them onto here, see what you think. Sound good, or am I being a pleb?
Yeah, deffinetly a pleb.
Guess what my good news is atm?
I only have.. Oh crap *counts* Oh about 4 weeks left of year 10!
*runs around screaming and runs some more after realising if she stops she'll never get up until she has to get dressed for bed*
Oh do be serious Kodi, You didnt get off your fat arse!
No. I didnt. :D
Rambling much? XD
Little bit.
OMG I'm answering my own questions!
Whats wrong with me! Oh yeah. My brain dropped out this morning. It went on holiday. To Ibiza. No, just kidding. I sold it on ebay!
On that note...
Probably best I leave, right?
I love youuu <3

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Oh My Foggin' GAWD! [45]

Righty. I thought I MUSTMUSTMUST post now.
Like Right now.
Yeah now.
Okay... NOW!
Well, I'm currently fresh out of my cold shower smelling of apples, decided I would have a looky at mon Bloggo and was filled with shock-horror at my followers.
Maraculously, I went from 4 followers to 17!!
*craps herslef and dies*
I had a kinda average day and THIS just made me grin like a f'ing crazy person (which I am but thats besides the point!) And felt the urge (Oh-ayee XD) to write for my lovely new follwers!
And I'm guessing you all came from PrettyWreck (THANK YOU! I'm like so in love with you right now! XD)
Uhm.. well I guess I should get on with maybe what happened today?
Uh. Nothing.
Yesterday however...
I finnaly got to the
haha! I've lost a whole stone since I started trying to lose this gross jiggly-ness!
And now I have 17 followers (Ima just keep bringing that up XD) I will honestly try harder.
I've been such a lazy cow.
But I'm trying to dicipline myself with exercise.
Wish me luck. Never worked in the past but I'll give it another shot!
(haha I sound so lonely!)
Hey thats awesome! I know actually I've noticed theres not really many girls who're 15 who log this stuff... but I find that awesome XD coz I'm sad ;) and OMG its so annoying right? ahahaa I have so many sexy ladies (okay just random advert girls) all cut out but cba to stick them on my wall yet and other stuff which I'll need glue for! Ima bother my mother until she gets some. :D
@Peridot (G+P)
Wow, I'm really gonna have to thank her XD I haven't gotten round to actually commenting on her blog yet >.< I should be ashamed! and Faaack! Someone is actually reading my WHOLE blog! Oh My Aunty Mary. I dont have an Aunty Mary btw XD. and I'm not too sure what you mean by 'scarred with my usual tom-foolery' but sure! I'm an only child so feel free to sibling me up XD and Thankd XD I say alot of weird things like Corr :D you'll see haha! Yeah I can guess.. I suck at spelling is all XD I'm 5'7 an can kick someone who's about 6' ish in the face ^-^ I used to do it years ago but stopped haha lazy cow XD
Too my new and old(ish) bloggers.
Corr blimey XD

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Stupid Bloggers fucked up how many posts I've done! [44]

Hello Beautiful people!
(i.e. four whole followers!)
I'm a little proud that I have 4 followers XD
Today, I've been a good girl. I had soup for lunch and will have soup for dinner! I've done most of my German homework, and also prepared something to give to Skei to help him with his German speaking exam on Tuesday so I hope he appreciates it. I've attempted a bit of English work but cba to find the stuff I actually need to finish it!
Reasons I've been a bad girl though...
I had ice cream last night thanks to my bloody mother! I haven't even started an assessment for English which is due in two weeks but I have next weekend to cram stuff in. I haven't finished stage 4 for my citizenship class but I'll do that Monday night! I haven't followed my work out thingy but I'll try again next week.
Some news:
Me and Manny are starting Tai Kwon Do [sp?] And Li might be joining us. We're doing it every Wednesday for a month at least coz its free for a month XD but I think I might continue it if I find it enjoyable!
I've found this stuff that stops stomach ache, heartburn and shizz like that including bloating! I've been sipping a glass of it since lunch so I hope maybe it'll help?
I'm well on my way to making a full Thinspo book but have currently got no glue ANYWHERE in the house! WTF!
I've spent hours recently cutting out pretty/thin women to stick on my thinspo wall but haven't gotten round to actually sticking them up.
Right now my stomach is gurgling!
I'm probably going to go psycho/OCD on my room in a sec coz its actually disgusting!
See you sexy people on the other side ;)

Friday, 18 June 2010


Fucking Hell.
I Just wanna puke up everything I've eaten in the past week.
I feel like I'm gonna.
That is just discusting.
Listen everyone!
Dont get over weight! Only sick sick sick people have a fetis for obeseity! Do you really want that?
Didn't think so.

Gimme A Hey, Gimme A Ho, Gimme A I Dont Know You Anymore! [42]

Hey All. Right I have A muddle of things to get through so bare with me!!
1) I'm tired. WAY over worked at school. I just wanna pass out for the next two years!
2)I haven't lost anymore weight... BUT I tried the dress on the other day and I can get my arse in the bitch!! But still can zip it right up. And I bought a pair of size 10 [US 6 I think??] short shorts and didn't even have to undo them when I put them on yesterday!
3)I'm barley following ABC anymore. I'll just keep going as I am until I finish ABC then since I've over eaten so much, I'm fasting for a week. Real serious business here!
4)I miss Skei. Even though I saw him 2 days ago. I just miss him. I guess its coz I know I wont see him until Monday... Suckishh.
5) I've ordered a really high-tech pedometer and this weird muscle toner... Haha cop-out I know but I thought I'd give it a go! No harm in that right?
6)I've become OCD with any sweets or gum I find [non chewed gum.. and sweets around the house]. I have designated jars for them now.
7) My feet hurt. I admit, I shouldn't have eaten the mr. whippy, snicker, snicker icecream or anything of that nature that I [for once] didn't swallow whole. I walked a FUCK load today. Like 5 ish miles? Okay, Its alot for me!
8) I really want to go smoke my fag I've had for about a month. It broke in half today and I've loosely fixed it with a whatsitcalled...
9)I've been taking ALOT colder showers than I'm used too. And I think thats why my stomach looks kinda flat even though its all fat! Its gross really...
10) I actually bought a bikini the other day. I'm not gonna wear it any time soon. I need to lose more of this gross belly! Erghh.
I think thats it.
I might just annoy you and post again if I remember anything...
I love you.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Fat People Porn X.X [41]

First off.
What's up with the title you ask?
Oh yeahh, well someone in PT posted a link to unthinspiration of rather fat women, some with gorgeous faces, but a couple were very fat and ugly, totally naked in porno poses.
Moving on.
Must fast.
I'm also beginning a 5 day week exersice regimine, I can exersice on weekends too if I loke (which I probably will if I'm not weighed down with homework..) but heres the thingy id you wanna try. I'll tell you guys id it works :)
20 sit ups
15 leg lifts
jog in place 30 seconds
40 knee lifts
50 jumping jacks
20 bicycla crunches
10 push ups
20 lunges
30 minutes of cardion of your choice
20 mountain climbers
20 star jumps
20 calf raises
10 squat thrusts
jog in place 45 seconds
30 crunches
20 jumping jacks
20 side step toe touches
not for your eyes
Moving on again.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Morning all.. Even though its 10 o'clock [40]

Okay, heres the deal.
I'm now at 147. A pound away from having lost a whole stone.
I am still going over my calorie limit so I am going to fast Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then get back to the usual ABC.
I had the realisation today that I am tan and a half stone!
Haha, but yes.
I'm basically killing myself. Too much work to do, and I'm a HUGE percrastinator.
I'm hoping to loose a couple of pounds this week... considering I keep eating too much and now I'm going to starve.
wish me luck. I'm tired now.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

*Sigh* [39]

I want to dissapear into the night.
Do you think I'll get away with that?
I need help.
In all manners.
I need help to stay away from things, I need help with work, I need help with stress, I need help with relationships... I need help with everything.
My solutions so far?
For One, Say I'm ill.
For two, getting Skei and my mum to help me with coursework.
For three, 'happy pills'.
For four... nothing. Unfortunetly.
My usual solutions are to take pain killers, smoke a fag and cut myself. Probably not the best idea but I couldnt care less.
I'm seeing improvements. Even though I'm no my period, I'm 147.5.
Yeah I have no enthusiasm today. I'm just annoied that I cant come up with places and ways to meet new people. Prefferably with more guys, coz I get along better with them. I'll have to Google some shit later.
I may breakdown before my exams take place from now on. I did before my German speaking. Apparently I got an A.
I want a fucking huge box. For all my stuff I dont want my mum to see. With a HUGE lock on it. I need to figure how to earn some money too. Or I shall be fucked. Dunno how. But yes.
Sorry, this post has been a bit all over the place in a depressed way.
I'll end this post with something Skei just said about me and my EDNOS.
'I'm worried about it, but I'm happy that its helping you'
Not sure what to think of that one.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I have no social life.
My fucking life is full of obsession.
I have no fucking friends I want to see outside of school.
I have no one I honestly want to see.
I am still not losing fucking weight.
I'm still a pig. Obese. Grotesque.
I'm failing at being a perfectionist.
I'm going to fail my exams.
I'm horribly stressed.
And Dean keeps shoving fucking food in my face!
Fuck. Me.

Monday, 7 June 2010

It's My Fault You Cried... [37]

I'm Hoping This Little Post Will Come Out Like A Poem... For Skei. Just to say I'm increadibly sorry for corrupting your life.
Just Like to say I''m sorry
For making You Cry
Corrupting your life
And Seeing Your Lies
I'm Sorry
For bleeding out pain
Puffing the smoke
Failing in Vain
I hate to see your tears
mostly when they're for me
For all I see is fears
Please dont cry over me
I'm not worth the pain
The attention
The tears
Since I'm not perfection
I want to show you how I feel
I just cant put it in words
But I'll give it a go
Although it'll sound obsurd
You say I've restored your hope
And given back your heart
That I help You Cope
Like its a fresh start
I may compare
myself to you
But Youre beautiful Stare
Makes me realise why I love you
Your hair
The static sun
My fault
But loved it when done
Your beautiful crystals
the ones we call eyes
Green, blue, brown
Prettier than the skies
when we walk
hand in hand
to me, its Paradise
minus the sand
I love the way you smell
though others dont
as I can always tell
Whos hugging me from behind
I love you for you
No one else
Just you
I always do
Give me a promise
No lies
To try
Say goodbye
We wont stay
I've grown wings so we can fly
Fly away
I'll wait for the day
I fall asleep
and wake up to you
Dream deep
I'll wait paitently
for when the time comes
The time life is beauty
and we are home
Til Death
Most of its crap>.<.
but hey
I hope Skei likes it
If not I'll jump out my bedroom window :/
I love you all

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ow. [36]

Hello All :)
Okay Today.. I facking hurt.
This week, disaster for losing weight. -.-
I have to start week two again but hey, I dont mind.
This wekk was great for spending some good time with my bootiful Skei. Today I thought I'd finally show you a picture of us! You know, Make it easier for you to picture us and whatnot!
I dont think I can take 7 more weeks of school. I'll probably shoot myself. I have a German Speaking Exam on the 9th [My fucking annaversary... 9 moths :)] English homework for Thursday and Sort out a folder for Friday at my Diploma >.<>
Skei started a Blog on here too... If you want, Check it out 'The Life Of Skeii'
Bless Him :3
I do love him. I made him cry 3 days in a row! Bless. Yeah I wont go on... I might cry myself.
haha :)
Urhm. Well tbh I dont have alot to say!
Much Love to all Who read this XD
I love you

Friday, 4 June 2010

Holidays -.- [35]

Wheyheyy Its Teh HOLIDAYS!
Skei says 'Hi'. Yeah, I'm showing Skei around my world of EDNOS! WOO! -.-
He's a little clueless :D
HAHA he had absolutely no reaction to me typing that either :3
but anyway.
Skei's making me fat -.- Well.. I've lost inches from my hips, thighs, upperarm, forearm and my wrists again. WTF!
seriously... I didnt think you could lose inches from your wrists!!!! ...
Skei just suggested I type 'I blame Skei' but I dont. I blame him for making my waist bigger again. Pig. Scoffing cookies. I only had 2. Probably good really. Hes still THINNER AND LIGHTER THAN ME! I hate him.
No not really.
Only coz he's a skinny mother fucker...
Oh God... "I'm only a skinny mother fucker because I've been where you are... I didn't like it... and went into overload." - Skei.
what does he mean 'where you are'! -.-
"Hating your body, do you understand"
Fucking yes I do.
Now where the fuck was I?
Oh Yeah. Skei wants a fucking Moomoos. Its a milkshake you get on the pier in Brighton. I want one actually. but. AHH!
probably, at maximum, 1500 calories. Minimum? Hmm... 800/900.
Skei thinks theres 2 calories in them. Tard.
Hes such a girl. Who likes kinky school girl fantasies.. even though hes 15. Ehem. He probably likes the sexy librarian too... Urhh >.< 'Oh yeah! Miss Duck!' - Skei
[That's our school librarian. With a nose that looks like a duck beak. 'Very sexy!']
Moving on.
Me an Skei are just cuddling in the spare room of my mother's boyfriend's flat. I should really give him a name... later. XD
But yes, Skei is in the girls position, leaning on my shoulder. But gets excited when I ask him to measure my bust but then gets disappointed to see the number go down an inch.
Oh yah! I named his penis Penelope x3
Sorry. You didn't need to know that! XD
I think that's it again
I'm seriously a mental case!
And made Skei cry!
He wants to start a blog too..
Urh. Yeah.
Goodbye All :3