Sunday, 27 June 2010

I'm Back Petite Uhm... Compain! [48]

Oh My Gawd.
I'm back!
Busy Busy weekend :3
for once.
OMG I'M POPULAR! Well not really, I only saw 3 people. But hey at least I saw some people! Now I feel all gross and in dying need of a LONG COLD SHOWER.
Right heres the basics.
I went over Manny's housee :D we went up the shopp... I had an icecream >.< and bought two coke zeros <3
Then Skei turned up like 2/3 hours later. We stay over Manny's after managing to sweet talk Manny's mum and get passed my mums HUGE mood with me for not texting earlier...
The next day We all went up the shop again but this time Joe came along after he got pissed the night before (pfft, I never get pissed. I have no life) had another fucking ice cream aaaand some of Manny's milkshake.
Theeeeennn Manny got his sister to take me and Skei back to my housee and we yeah, he stayed over.
In fact he just left thanks to his fucker of a dad. I dont like his dad. A coke addict, and I dont mean the beverage coke. Yeah full on COCAINE.
Yes well because of the heat I'm sure I've woken up in a different country. STILL haven't tanned my legs, fucking sun, and am becoming more and more tempted to start going for walks again and tae regular cold showers. OMG I might take one everyday which will burn calories and make me skinny! XD Okay, Plan.
As soon as I've finished this post I'm going for a cold shower for about... 30-40 minutes. Plus mayyyybeeee 20 more minutes to wash my hair? I'll just time an hour XD
for every degree my temperature goes down I burn 200 cals... How the fuck am I going to measure the temperature of a shower?
But the main point here is I haven't done my English for tomorrow, I've eaten badly and only have 3 days to lose 3 pounds. Three day fast it is!
3 day fast
cold showers
If I must eat, have an apple.
Exercise. I don't care if I'm not supposed to! I WILL!
And clean my room. Its a tip.
There's my weekend update!
Oh and surprisingly I haven't gained from my bingey fest weekend!
P.S Spell checker. GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

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  1. Booze is useless empty calories!! Don't worry about not getting pissed. Wanna know what my flatmate Dolly did last week?
    She went out, got trashed and came home at midnight so drunk she couldn't open the front door. (Lol!)
    She passed out face down on her bed in all her clothes. (I went in to check on her. I should have taken a photo!)
    She vomited ALL OVER her bed/the floor/everything on her floor while she was still passed out. (If she hadn't been face down she would have choked on booze puke and died.)
    She woke up the second time she puked and make it to the toilet.
    The next day she was so hungover she was falling asleep at work and puking in her trash can. She sill had her puke-coated room to clean up when she got home, too. It stank the house out really bad coz she'd had most of a bottle of flavoured Vodka, some wine and tequila shots. No wonder she got alcohol poisoning!!

    Feel better about not getting pissed now? :p

    (Hmm, her bottle of vodka is 42% alcohol. Mine is 37% and has 62cal per 30ml shot!. . . That is 2,050cal for the bottle. I shudder to think how many calories she had for the vodka alone!! Fuck that shit! D:)