Monday, 7 June 2010

It's My Fault You Cried... [37]

I'm Hoping This Little Post Will Come Out Like A Poem... For Skei. Just to say I'm increadibly sorry for corrupting your life.
Just Like to say I''m sorry
For making You Cry
Corrupting your life
And Seeing Your Lies
I'm Sorry
For bleeding out pain
Puffing the smoke
Failing in Vain
I hate to see your tears
mostly when they're for me
For all I see is fears
Please dont cry over me
I'm not worth the pain
The attention
The tears
Since I'm not perfection
I want to show you how I feel
I just cant put it in words
But I'll give it a go
Although it'll sound obsurd
You say I've restored your hope
And given back your heart
That I help You Cope
Like its a fresh start
I may compare
myself to you
But Youre beautiful Stare
Makes me realise why I love you
Your hair
The static sun
My fault
But loved it when done
Your beautiful crystals
the ones we call eyes
Green, blue, brown
Prettier than the skies
when we walk
hand in hand
to me, its Paradise
minus the sand
I love the way you smell
though others dont
as I can always tell
Whos hugging me from behind
I love you for you
No one else
Just you
I always do
Give me a promise
No lies
To try
Say goodbye
We wont stay
I've grown wings so we can fly
Fly away
I'll wait for the day
I fall asleep
and wake up to you
Dream deep
I'll wait paitently
for when the time comes
The time life is beauty
and we are home
Til Death
Most of its crap>.<.
but hey
I hope Skei likes it
If not I'll jump out my bedroom window :/
I love you all

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  1. XD i love it thank you so muchxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i hope i can do one just as good even tho i know i cant i do love you Kodii i really do even if ... ok just read my next post XD