Tuesday, 29 June 2010

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I'm getting so much entertainment outta my new electric body trim thingamabob!!
I dont have my pedometer yet -.- But this will do for now.
I also got a replacement for my back massager thing which I plug into my laptop. I broke the last one somehow.
Okay this thing feels weird.
I might just wear it in school tomorrow XD
In maths.
Or when Skei hugs me...
'Uh Kodi.. WTF is that vibraton coming from your stomach..?'
'Its my new sex toy ;)' *Skei looks at me weird* 'No no I'm joking! Its to keep me from falling asleep in lessons!!'
Actually thats not a bad idea...
I'm actually considering it!
Oh I want to talk about two friends of mine. Kate and J. Both girls btw, and thinner than me. J is the skinniest of us three. But in science we some how got to talking about color bones. Kate and J hate (seriously) how much thier's stick out. I was like 'Uhh Why?? I think sticky out color bones a really pretty!' and they wanted color bones like mine! WTF!!
Mine, you can barly see them. I want ones like thiers.
'Hey howa bout we change bodies! I'm sure I'd be MUCH happier a couple of dress sizes smaller! I could deal with being ginger!'
'Oh hey sure! You can be as skinny as me and I'll be as fat as you!!!!'
Okay I dunno why I just typed that. I'm guessing its my view on the situation.
Oh and we got to see a (fake) sceleton in class. I named her Annie Anorexic. Seemed to be a good joke... *shifty eyes* I grew attatched to her, I felt bad for her, the way she was exploited infront of the class like Sir lifting her leg up... how shameful!!
Right I'll stop rambling now :)
I have nothing to do but I also have nothing else I want to say!
I love youu
And it still surprises me when I come on here and see 19 followers :D
P.S I would like Katy Perry for my birthday please XD

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