Friday, 4 June 2010

Holidays -.- [35]

Wheyheyy Its Teh HOLIDAYS!
Skei says 'Hi'. Yeah, I'm showing Skei around my world of EDNOS! WOO! -.-
He's a little clueless :D
HAHA he had absolutely no reaction to me typing that either :3
but anyway.
Skei's making me fat -.- Well.. I've lost inches from my hips, thighs, upperarm, forearm and my wrists again. WTF!
seriously... I didnt think you could lose inches from your wrists!!!! ...
Skei just suggested I type 'I blame Skei' but I dont. I blame him for making my waist bigger again. Pig. Scoffing cookies. I only had 2. Probably good really. Hes still THINNER AND LIGHTER THAN ME! I hate him.
No not really.
Only coz he's a skinny mother fucker...
Oh God... "I'm only a skinny mother fucker because I've been where you are... I didn't like it... and went into overload." - Skei.
what does he mean 'where you are'! -.-
"Hating your body, do you understand"
Fucking yes I do.
Now where the fuck was I?
Oh Yeah. Skei wants a fucking Moomoos. Its a milkshake you get on the pier in Brighton. I want one actually. but. AHH!
probably, at maximum, 1500 calories. Minimum? Hmm... 800/900.
Skei thinks theres 2 calories in them. Tard.
Hes such a girl. Who likes kinky school girl fantasies.. even though hes 15. Ehem. He probably likes the sexy librarian too... Urhh >.< 'Oh yeah! Miss Duck!' - Skei
[That's our school librarian. With a nose that looks like a duck beak. 'Very sexy!']
Moving on.
Me an Skei are just cuddling in the spare room of my mother's boyfriend's flat. I should really give him a name... later. XD
But yes, Skei is in the girls position, leaning on my shoulder. But gets excited when I ask him to measure my bust but then gets disappointed to see the number go down an inch.
Oh yah! I named his penis Penelope x3
Sorry. You didn't need to know that! XD
I think that's it again
I'm seriously a mental case!
And made Skei cry!
He wants to start a blog too..
Urh. Yeah.
Goodbye All :3

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