Friday, 18 June 2010

Gimme A Hey, Gimme A Ho, Gimme A I Dont Know You Anymore! [42]

Hey All. Right I have A muddle of things to get through so bare with me!!
1) I'm tired. WAY over worked at school. I just wanna pass out for the next two years!
2)I haven't lost anymore weight... BUT I tried the dress on the other day and I can get my arse in the bitch!! But still can zip it right up. And I bought a pair of size 10 [US 6 I think??] short shorts and didn't even have to undo them when I put them on yesterday!
3)I'm barley following ABC anymore. I'll just keep going as I am until I finish ABC then since I've over eaten so much, I'm fasting for a week. Real serious business here!
4)I miss Skei. Even though I saw him 2 days ago. I just miss him. I guess its coz I know I wont see him until Monday... Suckishh.
5) I've ordered a really high-tech pedometer and this weird muscle toner... Haha cop-out I know but I thought I'd give it a go! No harm in that right?
6)I've become OCD with any sweets or gum I find [non chewed gum.. and sweets around the house]. I have designated jars for them now.
7) My feet hurt. I admit, I shouldn't have eaten the mr. whippy, snicker, snicker icecream or anything of that nature that I [for once] didn't swallow whole. I walked a FUCK load today. Like 5 ish miles? Okay, Its alot for me!
8) I really want to go smoke my fag I've had for about a month. It broke in half today and I've loosely fixed it with a whatsitcalled...
9)I've been taking ALOT colder showers than I'm used too. And I think thats why my stomach looks kinda flat even though its all fat! Its gross really...
10) I actually bought a bikini the other day. I'm not gonna wear it any time soon. I need to lose more of this gross belly! Erghh.
I think thats it.
I might just annoy you and post again if I remember anything...
I love you.

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