Sunday, 20 June 2010

Stupid Bloggers fucked up how many posts I've done! [44]

Hello Beautiful people!
(i.e. four whole followers!)
I'm a little proud that I have 4 followers XD
Today, I've been a good girl. I had soup for lunch and will have soup for dinner! I've done most of my German homework, and also prepared something to give to Skei to help him with his German speaking exam on Tuesday so I hope he appreciates it. I've attempted a bit of English work but cba to find the stuff I actually need to finish it!
Reasons I've been a bad girl though...
I had ice cream last night thanks to my bloody mother! I haven't even started an assessment for English which is due in two weeks but I have next weekend to cram stuff in. I haven't finished stage 4 for my citizenship class but I'll do that Monday night! I haven't followed my work out thingy but I'll try again next week.
Some news:
Me and Manny are starting Tai Kwon Do [sp?] And Li might be joining us. We're doing it every Wednesday for a month at least coz its free for a month XD but I think I might continue it if I find it enjoyable!
I've found this stuff that stops stomach ache, heartburn and shizz like that including bloating! I've been sipping a glass of it since lunch so I hope maybe it'll help?
I'm well on my way to making a full Thinspo book but have currently got no glue ANYWHERE in the house! WTF!
I've spent hours recently cutting out pretty/thin women to stick on my thinspo wall but haven't gotten round to actually sticking them up.
Right now my stomach is gurgling!
I'm probably going to go psycho/OCD on my room in a sec coz its actually disgusting!
See you sexy people on the other side ;)


  1. Hello lovely, I'm a new follower, and realised we're the same age, which probably means nothing, but it's not often you find someone around our age on here, so hey! I have the same problem at the minute. I have loads of beautiful photos, and no glue in the house. I am outraged, I must buy some tomorrow, I hope you're alright :) x.

  2. Hi! PrettyWreck sent me here to BlogStalk you :D I'm about half way through your archive atm, I'll hit 'Follow' as soon as I've caught up ^.^

    Oooooh I just want to ask, (since you are far too young to be scarred with my usual dodgy tomfoolery!), can I adopt you as a little sister? A Little BlogSister? I've never had a sister before, and I love how you say 'Corr' all the time XD

    Ok, I'd better get back to reading or I'll never catch up! (Funny that! XD)


    P.S. I think it's Tae Kwon Do. It's a really kick ass sport for flexibility and endurance. My Ex-BF is about 5foot3 and could kick OVER my 5foot7 head! D: Impressive and scary!