Monday, 28 June 2010

Oh Fuck it!! [49]

I know it was supposed to be my 4 week weigh in but I dont see the point in showing you lot how fat I still am so I'm leaving it another 4 weeks.
Hope you dont mind XP
Right now I'm helping Skei with exercises he could do to tone his upper body. He doesn't like it so I'm going to help him healthily tone his body.
Atm I've got stuff like;
-bicep curls
-sit ups
-push ups
-triceps dips
-side plank
he want to tone and build some more muscle so I'm giving him a list for him to google if he doesn't know what they are. I think they'll work well if he does them a couple times a week. Right?
Arghh I have work experience next week. And the week after. Two weeks with out Skei Because the person who does my work experience is a friend of my mums, I'm staying with her. She's the ex-Bulimic. And most of the time she goes to a different job in the morning and then comes back home then off to her Dance school (which she owns and teaches) so I can fit in some exercise in the morning, not eat until she gets back then go to work with her, probably doing some form of physical work and I'll have to do some paperwork as well. So it should be good. I can have lyins and exercise and morning fasts. I have a feeling we'll end up having a take out within the two weeks! >.< either that or a crappy attempt at food! So I'll really have to work hard if I'm to burn off the calories from the shit I could possibly end up eating! Gawd. I didn't think of that before! Arse.
Hopefully I'll get away with it! WOO! :/
I'll keep posting occationally in the weeks though because I'm allowed to take my laptop up there (WIN!) and I'll have internet access.. I'll doubtfully go on PT in those two weeks though, you never know what people can do with computers. :/
I'm tired. But I dont want to sleep.
This week is basically DUE IN ALL HOMEWORK WEEK.
English Essay Thursday
German CourseWork Wednesday
Citizenship Stage 5 Tomorrow [I've done it so dont worry!]
I'm going to fast better the next two days.
I have P.E. tomorrow as well.
I had a dream about my P.E. teacher >.<
Twas weird.
(Me btw. I'm the fatty!)


  1. Your posts do make me chuckle :] Sounds like a good plan for the two weeks. What are you doing for work experiance? ♥

  2. :D wow I make someone laughh?? :3
    I'm going to a dance school with my mums friend haha shouldn't be too bad :)