Friday, 25 November 2011

Update for last Wednesday

I did do this, I just haven't had the time to update it on here.
so here are the scores...

Weight: 164.4 lbs
Underbust (right by the underwire of bra) : 34”
Fat roll under under bust (or ribs, whichever) : 35”
‘waist’ : 33.25”
‘hips’ : 39.25”
weird hip/bum/thigh thing : 39.5”
fattest part of one thigh : 22.75”

This is pretty sick in a week! I'm gonna eat even healthier coz I think I might have slipped up a little and I'm stressed that I might have gained. I'm gonna weigh myself tomorrow morning. I'm still on my diet pills and I guess I'm walking a lot and moving a lot. Especially in Performing arts BTEC, coz my character is enthusiastic and I actually jog in. AND our Mask piece is based around an aerobics class and we've done bits of routines. That kill me when I'm dressed in my everyday clothes. 

Fingers crossed. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Right. I've dropped 5.2 lbs since last Wednesday, but I have a really bad feeling about today that I'm going to gain or something.
I'm so proud of myself that I've managed to lose so match with, reasonably, little effort. Although this next week, starting on my update day, I think I'll bump up the exercise. I may even convince Grace to take me clubbing with her. Although it may be a Tranny bar, but hey, they more dancing the better!

So on my Tumblr blog, I've asked my followers and whoever else to send me messages (which are depicted on a post) so I'll do some exercise. Coz I feel mega guilty for some reason.

I think tomorrow I'll skip breakfast, lunch and have a small dinner of soup then that will be it, to kick start week 2.

I may even log on to Pretty Thin again to find some workouts to do...
Or use some old one's I printed months ago.

hopefully, I'm still losing.

Friday, 18 November 2011

I'm Eating like A Normal person!!

Yesterday I ate like a normal person. Sort of. 

I didn't eat until I got home, which was possibly... 3pm ish?
I went to town after college so I did plenty of walking looking for this stupid secret santa present. 
When I got home I had a packet of mini rice cakes (sour cream and onion, 94cals) then 3 plain rice cakes (29cal per rice cake) then I dozed off watching a film. Had dinner (pasta with vegetables and philidelphia for source.) and a little packet of mini chedders when I woke up. AND I actually ate a slice of chocolate fudge cake! :O 

And well, guess what.
I weighed myself this morning...
I've lost! 

Today though, so far..Plus today I had a small (for me, so probably what normal people have) bowl of cereal when I woke up. Crunchy nut with chocolate bits. I could be healthier but I’m proud of how I’m doing at the moment. Then I got home around 2.30pm had 2 peanut butter and jam sandwiches and 2 pieces of toast with honey, and a lot of skimmed milk.

I’m not planning on eating until at least dinner. And no pudding today!

I'm hoping not to eat tomorrow because I'm uber busy and I might be going to a bonfire with Zane :)
But I'm testing out this 21 days thing. I'm going to try to eat 'normally' or less for 21 days then after that will be restricting for 21 days. It's all to change habits because I need to break some really bad ones. 

But that's about it today.
Tatty bye ;)