Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Make A Wish...

Finally. I'm back.
I do really apologise for taking so long, my Internet has been crazy, let me go on anything else... just not blogger. Wtf.
I'm only back coz I feel so guilty for being away so long... I hope you still love me! Just as a brief update.
I got Skei back. Everything he did and said to me was a complete mind fuck, which pisses me off.
I kept gaining weight. The highest being 11 stone/154 lbs. I almost died seeing that on the scale. I'm not sure what I was at last weekend.. but now I'm 10 stone 7.5 lbs. Back to my average weight.
I haven't eaten in two days. This has seriously shocked me. I'm not feeling too good right now, I think its because this is fast day three. I've got the day off because of snow so I'm going to take it easy and drink lots of water and green tea.
I came up with a new diet plan. So much fucking more interesting to me! It's based around the Naruto characters! Just ask if you want to know more, I'll create a post with the ones I've come up with.
A couple of weekends ago I was complimented on my legs by a ballet dancer. Yes. A BALLET DANCER. I felt so good!
Capelin used to fancy me, no so sure about now.
I've been getting into arguments with the Hairy Monster, a girl at my school. She's such a douche.
Right now I think I'm going to be sick... I'll wait it out. If it gets worse, I'll eat an apple.
I have a new alternate personality. His names Zakk. He's gay. Just thought I'd throw that in there! XD
Oh and if you're wondering about the title of this post. Me and my friend Tiger make a wish at the beginning of each month and see if it comes true with in the month. My wish is to get to 10 stone/140lbs by Christmas and New year.
I already have New Years Resolutions.
Tell me yours if you have any! XD
Okay, I think I'm done.
Fucking tired. I'm going to return downstairs and hang about with my Gran.
I lobe my Gran :3
I lobe you guys too!
P.S. WhoopWhoop to officially being a size 8 UK (4US) with bit tits! XD


  1. yay for goals!! you got this girly!

    my new years resolution is to get to the 140's asap!!! and then never see the 150's again... but I think I need to get to those first lmao.

    Here's to using Christmas break to our advantage!! :)

    Glad you're back!

  2. my resolution is to quit telling myself to make tomorrow better because today has to be better, too. golly, cheers for a ballerina noticing your legs. i think they look at me the way i look at mcdonalds connoisseurs. bah humbug. stay strong darling, it's good to have you back. hope you check in more often. we're almost teh same height so you're a big inspiration for me.

  3. Glad you're back!!

    If the fast is making you feel sick, you could just be dehydrated, or low on vitamins or something. Make sure to drink enough water, or maybe something like gatorade or juice, just to keep you going? And chewable vitamins are always good.


  4. My goal to reach by Januray is 8 and a half stone :/
    TRYING SO HARD but failed with four mini flapjacks at a weak moment :'(

    Glad you've posted darling, missed you!