Sunday, 26 December 2010

If I Curl Up Small Enough, They'll Never Remember I'm Here..

What a drastic change from nearly loving Christmas.
I hate Christmas with a passion. I am so glad this is my last Christmas with my family. I hate it.
Christmas is a pointless holiday. Its where you open shitty presents from people you barley know, eat until you cant move, gain like a bitch and get drunk enough to fall off the sofa.
This year, I've ended up sitting by my bed, posting angrily, with some form of Dance music blaring from my new Ipod doc. So many things haven't gone right today. And before you ask. Yes. I am going to tell you.
Shit #1. My mum bought the wrong £50 high tops. I mean that doesn't annoy me, if anything I feel sorry because my mum spent loads on shoes I dont even want.
Shit #2. On MY home made place mat, someone had spilt curry on it. For fucks sake! It was only mine! No one gives a shit, obviously!
Shit #3. I scoffed so many waffle-ish biscuits and Belgian chocolates that I'm seriously considering taking MORE laxatives.
Shit #4. I've been to the bath room about 20 times today thanks to my laxative abuse last night.
Shit #5. My Grandfather is an arse hole. All he does is moan, hold everything up and then tell everyone how to play Poker WRONG!
Shit #6. I've had more alcohol than I originally had planned. Only a glass or two more, but I am SO gonna work hard to get this FAT OFF ME!
Shit #7. I'm fat.
Shit #8. I punched a wall. Twice.
Shit #9. I want to die. Just because Christmas is so utterly pointless and supposed to be full of jolly people, but mine always contains my utterly cunt-ish family.
Shit #10. I havent heard from Skei in about 3 days. To be fair, it is Christmas and he is at his Mum's house. But Still, its Skei. He always finds a reason to talk to me.
Now. I'm going to get changed into my PJs again.
Find some water.
And take about 4 laxatives.
And Dance. Until I cant feel my legs.
'ice cream ice cream we all want ice cream!!' - Pink - Cuz I Can


  1. I'm right there with ya on the laxatives....
    Sorry you had such a shitty day :/
    I would return the shoes and either get the right ones, or just keep the money :)

    Have fun dancinggggg :)

  2. Aaah I know what you mean about cunt-ish family. Mine have just had a massive argument about RAMBLERS ffs. And then were screaming about who watched what on TV. Stupid stupid stupid...

    Hugs darling, hope you have fun dancing, I sure LOVE IT :L

  3. It's weird: This was the first year in a LONG time that I was super excited about Christmas. But my excitement was soon dashed to the ground, as well. Most of my anxiety was just due to all the food. But I also received a rather expensive present from my parents that I don't need/want. I hate it when presents make you feel guilty like that. It sucks, but it's out of our control.

    Things WILL look up for us both. They will!