Friday, 31 December 2010

Let This New Year Be What I Need To Change For The Better, Let Us Succed.

Ladies, put on your heels. Gentle Men, grab your smart shirts. Every one, pick up your bottles of vodka.
Its time to take on the new year.
I'm in a far better mood today because its time for a fresh start. It also helps that Skei called this morning after I called his house yesterday afternoon. And that the scales have decided to take pity on me, this last day of 2010 by telling my I'm 145.2.
My cuts stung in the shower this morning but heyo, 2011 is gonna be the year we all need!
Along with this post come my New Year Resolutions.
-Get down to 9 stone (126 lbs)
-(If I'm not happy or careless) Act happy and careless
-Exercise more often (5 days a week is good)
-Do well in my GCSEs and get into College
-Look fabulous all the time! XD
-Make more friends
-Go out more
-Help suicidal/depressed young people :)
What are your resolutions this year??
Right well I might start getting ready for this party I'm going to! I have a lot of primping needed. I hope you all have a FANTASTICAL New Year! I wish you all the best in 2011. I do indeed love you all dearly, and love you more if you're a frequent commenter ;)
I hope you all get drunk and stupid tonight!
I will be ;D
'I Can Die From The Dancing' - 3OH!3 - I Can Do Anything

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  1. Be happy and careless, I like that one :)
    Hope you partied hard pretty girl, I certainly did :L:L:L