Monday, 6 December 2010

Wrap Up Warm, It's Getting Cold, Don't Let Me Go, Don't Let Me Fall...

Evening One and All.
I have exams for the next few days, it's fucking freezing, I had a bad day over all, and I have alot of Diploma work to do.
I have today found out the extremely of my bad circulation. Waiting outside the sports hall for my Maths exam this afternoon, I was so effing cold. I had my hands up my sleeves shivering my arse off when Lii pointed out my lips were purple.
My. Lips. Were. PURPLE!
I may talk to my mother about going to the doctor about this circulation issue I have... What do you think? Wouldn't give anything away would it?
I also woke up 5 minutes before I had to leave the house this morning. I managed to get half dressed (well, dressed but with out the extra layers I desire..), half-do make up (green eye liner. That was all) and shove my anthology (a book of poems for my English exam) and phone in my bag. I didn't even brush my hair. I did manage to brush my teeth, even if I didn't have time I would have MADE time.
I've started my fasting again. Yeah I died after last Wednesday. Back at 150 odd lbs. Fuck me, yeah? But I'm determined this time because the snow is completely gone (thanks to cunt-ish rain) and I'm at school all week. I'm also going to Germany on Friday! :o I need to get my clothes and etc ready for then. I WILL NOT EAT.
Now Kodii, repeat after me. I will not eat.
I'll tell you what made my day though.
Lii's mum walks about in exams making sure no one cheats etc. and in the middle of my citizenship exam her phone went off! I was at the back of the hall so I could see her really well, she pulled a face and whispered 'Sorry It's Me!' and me and King just looked at each other and tried not to burst out laughing. All the other invidulators got up thinking it was a student (we're not that stupid, give up some credit!) HA MADE MY DAY.
Um. Yes.
I think that's it again.
I think i might start ending my posts with thinsperational lyrics...
If I can be bothered I will try it!
'She Could Be The Model Type, Skinny With No Appetite'


  1. i'm not sure whether the doctor would spot anything or not. either way you're brave. i'm so fucking scared of doctors. germany? what? i'm jealous. stay strong, darling.
    p.s. i love that song.

  2. Eep! Get that looked at! Most GPs wouldn't know how to spot an ED if it walked up to them with a sign on >.< Don't panic, ok?

    Oh god, moving day is tomorrow and I'm still not all packed! HALP! D: