Thursday, 23 December 2010

Enter The City Of Perfection, It Will Soon Become My Destination..

I feel so much better after cleaning my room.
I've accomplished so much today! I've cleaned, organised the majority of shit in my room, painted my nails, moisturised (which is obscenely rare) and made my bed! Woohoo!
I even picked out my outfit for Christmas day! I might take a picture for you... If I can be bothered. I'm such a lazy cow.
Tomorrow, I shall be cleaning the spare room (because my mum wants to change the sheets in there but the bed has all the contents of my wardrobe on it) and Having a looooong shower/beautifying day. I will be spending AGES shaving, moisturising, plucking, etc. XD hahaa. I love days like that. Funny thing is, I've got so much time but still haven't even looked at my English essay. LMAO like I'm going to do that any time soon!
I'm going to go play on the Sims (via PlayStation 2, so old school right?) as a well deserved rest.
Ahhh... I do feel so much calmer after my cleaning.
Wow. I should do it more often.
'Tonight I'll Lie Awake, Feeling Empty' - Paramore - Pressure

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  1. I am so glad that you feel calmer and better. I love that feeling, too, but like you I am quite the procrastinator. :P