Saturday, 25 December 2010

And A Ho Ho Ho, From Our Lovely And Dear Santa...

(Okay, before I do anything, I must explain something. But also LOL at my first picture!)
@Skeleton Strong. I'm really self conscious when it comes to opening presents. To me, its like the moment on my birthday when everyone starts singing 'happy birthday' and every one's looking at me, waiting for a reaction. I don't mind if I know those people well, coz I could just be stupid, but because I've never met some of them its kind of worrying for me. Do you understand me now? XD
Anyway. I got a great Christmas present. Heehee.
I'm 144.8! AHA! :D My lowest weight EVER! I love Christmas sometimes.
But out of all honesty, I did get a really good present from 'Santa'. Its a Naruto box set! XD I'm such a Naru-tard.
Its great how some traditions in my house haven't changed at all. Like the fact 'Santa' always leaves a bog stocking of presents outside my door for me to open when I wake up. Sadly, this is my last forced Christmas at home. Next year, hopefully, I shall be in Australia with Rhii and Craig. If I ever get a job to earn enough for the flight.
Kinda weird. Next year, I'll be living with my Dad, trying to make new friends, attempting to keep my grades good and also trying to have an AMAZING social life. Hm, if only.
But Yes, I'd love it if (whoever reads this post today) You tell me what you got for Christmas! :D I like to know XD
But TARRAAH for now.
I shall post later.
Telling you about my troubling day with my Dad.
Merry Christmas ;)
'There's always somebody out there that loves you. Always.'


  1. Congrats on the weight girly :D :D :D
    You are my inspiration :)

  2. Thanks for explaining the present-opening thing. I wasn't trying to be rude when I asked about it; I just wasn't sure of your reasoning. But yes, it makes sense now. I have a friend who is just the same way about hte birthday song, etc.!

    The picture of the snow dog is hilarious.

    And . . . CONGRATS on the weight loss!!! Awesome. :)