Saturday, 1 January 2011

Fuck This Fuck That Fuck You FUCK EVERYTHINGG!!

As you might be able to tell, I've had a huuge 'fuck it' day.
Just to remind me of why I want to lose weight and avoid eating.
(seeing as I'm prone to binging like a mother fucker when given the opportunity and food...)
So basically. I'm bloated. Feel sick, etc.
But I dont care, because tomorrow I'm starting OPERATION 'FAST UNTIL YOU DIE YOU FAT BITCH'... I might need to come up with a shorter name for that XD but this whole binging day started when I got high last night (naughty girrrrl XD) and apparently, I get serious munchies. And giggle fits. And talk utter bollocks. Tbh, I dont see the huuger deal about getting high... I'd rather get completely wasted coz that has more of an effect on me, and has the same effect when I wake up the next day. And being drunk drives me AWAY from food because of my phobia of being sick whilst drunk.
I've totally rambled on. What was the point in this again?
Well, tomorrow until the end of the month I'm fasting. I refuse to eat solid food after today because well I feel foul. I feel like Choji from Naruto. So I am far more determined to lose lose LOSE this year! YEAH THIS IS MY YEAR! :)
126lbs here I come. If I reach that before the end of the year I'm lowering it to 118.
(I'm probably back up to 150/149 but I dont care right now, I'm gonna make up for it!)
I hope you all had brilliant New Years Eves ;)
Mine was okay... I wish I went to a house party for people MY age.
and not Gaz's place with his family. Doesn't help he was avoiding me and Skei and that I was the only person our age dressed up. Always me the odd one.
I may smoke s'more weed tomorrow and actually put into place 'NO MUNCHIES' now to train myself for future highness. Thats my main goal of this first month.
Train myself.
Get down to 135-140 lbs.
Exercise everyday.
I'm sorry this doesn't make much sense... Skei is next to me and we're watching Naruto... so my brain ain't quite working right.
I lave you :3
'I CAN SMOKE CIGARETTES' - 3OH!3 - I Can Do Anything

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