Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Good Girl? Okay?

I'm in a lesbian mood today... I think its because of my period? Do you guys get that? Or am I just extremely weird? XD
Yet another body I am jealous of!
Although my best thinsperation is at school. Some girls are just grotesque (ehem.. Kitty) And I feel normal sized (or at least in proportion compared to them) and some random compliments occasionally XD
Like 'You have really nice legs!'
Tbh.. isn't that a weird thing to say? 'I want your legs!'
Okayy... well I'm not giving them to you?! o.O
HAHA! Even worse one I get, 'I want your boobs!'
Err, sure you do?! x.x
Oh yes, I'm a good girl. I've actually STARTED doing the coursework I was given before summer XD
Done one piece, started reading 'Lord of the Flies'. Apparently its a gruesome book (Says my Gran XD) about kids turning cannibal... well lets hope it puts me off my lunch!! :D
But I haven't made corrections for my Citizenship. I might just ask Carpet (my Mum's boyfriend XD) to do it as he's the one basically writing it for me haha!
I'm nearly 16... o.O
Feels so weird! Unfortunately I cant drive... but I can FUCK! XD Paha! And I'm applying for some type of ID so I can go to concerts with out needing to take my facking(that mistake is on purpose ;]) passport with me! WOO! And I signed up for a Tesco clubcard... I'm so cool! XD I've got all sorts of soppy cards for saving money at places now! All in preparation for living with my Dad for two-three years! o.o I have so much I need to move out though! But I'm gonna be nice and let my mum keep some DVDs I have XD lovely ain't I? Oh and I'm gonna let her take a picture of me on the morning of my first day starting year 11(My final year!!)... Coz her and my Gran always complain they don't have any pictures of me at my age. Well duh!
I'm a teenager, we stay away from family camera flashes!
Ha, teenagers are like Vampires or Owls.
We sleep all day coz we were up all night on the computer or (the ones who have a social life) partying.
I'm the computer one. Obvs. -.-'
My back huuurts :( GAY PERIOD.
Oh... Irony.
If you don't get it then look what I said at the beginning of this post!!
Faack I rambled alot today!!
List for today.
3 random facts about yourself!
1- I read all of my blog posts at least twice. Once before I post and once after.
2- I have an Anorexic friend I intend on fattening up when school starts coz she's been in hospital too many times. Makes me sad. I promise its a good thing XD
3- I never had any imaginary friends as a kid. My toys were my friends. TT_TT
Okay there's mine!
I hope you don't leave me coz of how weird they are XD
I lave you!
Oh btw...
You're all beautiful!
Or hot if you're a guy XD


  1. i actually find myself saying that once in a while.."ugh. i want your legs." &i get weird looks. well if you plan on fattening her up i hope you find a better way to say it&that she gives a shit about staying out of the hospital. i can't drive yet, either. i took my permit test yesterday&failed....shh, don't tell anybody. i've gotta take it again today. stay strong, darling.


  2. You're totally not weird. Hope your back feels better! I definitely do not miss my period...

    I've been getting legs compliments recently, too. I think everyone's eyesight must be going, because I don't think I have nice legs... They're kind of short and stumpy.

    Lord of the Flies is an awesome book. I had to read that going into freshman year in high school and I finished the book in 6 hours. I've read it 3 times since then...


  3. OMG. I'm starting year 11 too and it's so weird like soon gonna be 16 and all. EXCITING. I feel so childish though :L

    1. I have 4 kidneys. 0.0
    2. I have a blister on my left foot from ballet.
    3. I have cuts all over my mouth because of my braces.

  4. I always get told I have amazing legs... I'm like, wtf, they're whiter than American bread (the white kind, not wheat haha) and chunky as hell. Eeww :P
    I'm gonna be 16 soon, too, but I'm in America so I'm in 10th grade (2 years left of school, ugh).
    1-I was born with black hair...& it turned blonde within my first week or so of life
    2-I'm kind of a snooper... I love going through people's medicine cabinets, notebooks, etc.. But no one knows I do it XD
    3-I've read the book Twilight about 2389234 times. I was obsessed with it when I was twelve. But, shh, no one knows about that either (well, no one should...)

  5. Uuugghh, the Red Tide is about to hit me too :'( *Hugs*

    Heh, I love it when people covet your figure like that! ^.^ It feels good!

    1)I have a mole on my shoulder
    2)I dream in Japanese
    3)I have ugly toenails

  6. P.S. Lol, makeovers are awesome!. They had one girl who based her whole identity on her long hair, so they chopped it off and gave her an amazing little black bob. She looks totally stunning now! They also finished this other girl, got halfway through her shoot and decided to re-do her a la Twiggy! *Fans self* I'd jump her in a heartbeat now!

    A bitch who I really didn't expect to turn up stood me up. One of those two-faced types, ya know? Good riddance to her!

    Have a good night, Sis! <3