Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Jesus You CARE?!?!

Wow you guys care?!?!
I'm so happy :3
Oh yeah. I didn't die
*thumbs up*
But I was almost forced to have a blood test *shiver* coz I over dosed and told the stupid lady at therapy. So my mum knows (Fuckbollocksarseshit) aaaaand good thing I only took paracetamol or I'd have had a blood text *shiver number 2*
But anyway, I fixed up my life so I'm okay. Again. I'm so fucking indecisive!
Moving on. Thanks you guys on commenting about my drawings XD makes me feel like I'm good at something!! Today's picture I drew astonishingly long ago so my style has changed (kinda matured really XD) since then, and all the pictures I've put up are quite old, I just haven't gotten round to sorting my new ones out! So when I can be arsed, I'll do it.
I make you guys smile?! *blushh* Shucks! ^-^
And haha Peri XD made me laugh, but I need someone to shout sense into me so thank you!
And just thanks to everyone who's actually commented my blog, even some who've only commented once, I like reading your comments XD So please CARRY ON! I LIVE FOR THEM!
Okay, I've calmed down a bit now XD
Fuck! Here I go again!
Hyper Arse Monkey!! XD
Okay. I'll go!

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    I've ODd on parecetamol, and it's fucking painful.

    Now my brain is all fucked up. Losing time chunks and more segments of memory thanks to FLUID ON THE BRAIN. Fuckfuckshitcrapfuck. You know how hard it is to pass university economics when you can't memorize the formulas? Fucking hard.

    Right, you're still alive so I can go to bed now. FFS stick around! You aren't making stick it out in this shit hole alone are you?