Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday 13th O.o

Okay, seeing as today isn't really a lovely day for most people and also considering my mood and the mood of everyone around me... Where was I?
Oh yes.
I want everyone who comments to make a list of things they like about themselves!
feel free to go into as much detail as you like, you can write about personality, looks, or accomplishments!
I'm gonna stick with looks, coz I don't wanna ramble.
So I'm gonna sound vein XD
I like:
-My hair
-My eyes
-The fact my nose hasn't got a bump in it
-My fairly straight teeth
-My shoulders
-My wrists
-My legs (although not so much)
-my ankles
-my feet (btw, they got a size smaller. WTF)
-My bum XD
-My glasses (even though they aren't me)
-My style
I think that's it?
But really try hard to find at least 5 things you like about your appearance coz for me that's usually the hardest place for me to find things but I've done well today XD
I love you
You're all sexy


  1. Um um um... I will continue with the positive thinking:
    - Eyes (When they are not being all wierd and sleepy)
    - Lips, they are good
    - Feet because they are PERFECT for ballet
    - um um um... oh shit. Oh, my hair when it's not greasy *bleh*
    - no 5... no 5... Oooh my teeth now they have braces because they are FINALLY getting straight!

    LOVE YOU BABES Positive thinking FTW

  2. Hmmmm, you make HARD lists!
    ~My hair
    ~How I bend fowards and put my hands on the floor
    ~My boobs!
    ~My hands, they let me draw and write
    ~My skin, it is a canvas


  3. ah ha lol i havent commented in a while so yeAH

    er 1 my hair when its dry/wet XD at the same time tho
    2 my womanly hips XD even tho ima guy
    3 my blue brown and green eyes XD
    4 my currently forming 8 pack ;) never going to do anything but yeAH and last but not least 5 my awasomeness on computer games ie tetris XD or pokemon :)

    that was really hard tbh and im bigg headed lol XD