Thursday, 2 September 2010

Quoi? Was? Wut? -.-'

Gahh I feel like an Ungly girrrrrl :(
My scales ran outta battery and I have no idea if I've gained or staied the same or what.
But I've been sort of better with my eating (well, considering my period..) and Skei ate the remainder of the fake snickers and loads of sandwiches XD (chocolate spread, jam and lemon curd..)
Omg I'm fattening him up XD
He had a faff with my weird electric muscle building things XD he said it felt funny (no duh, youre being electricuted..)
I'm bored. Sorry for the crappy blog, I thought I should blog again..
My glasses broke at the lense place, they were putting the lenses in but the frame broke -.-' had to go get another pair of glasses and ANOTHER pair that were actual glasses and not crappy poser ones... so hopefully I'll have new glasses. But not before my first day back at school (Monday.. faackk) I still haven't read Lord of The Flies... I'll read it tomorrow...
I dont wanna go back to school but I do aswell.
I dont coz of the people I cant stand and my new maths teacher...
I do coz I'm less likely to eat myself silly... I'm more likely to not eat most the day.. and I have my own living thinspo (and reverse thinspo XD) around me!
But it's just so much effort... Specially since this year I have to apply to a college and CHOOSE the courses I wanna do... -.-
Thats it really.
gimme a guilt pleasure of yours.
Mine is watching '13 going on 30' XD


  1. . . . ___'s Next Top Model. I love the pretty pictures!

  2. My guilty pleasure: straightening my 7-year-old sister's hair & putting makeup & nail polish on her.
    It's only guilty because my parents get pissed about it, haha(: