Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Specialists Are Retarded.

Ah. Okay I have a list to speakio abooooot.
2-Clothes XD
3-Binge days
4-Walking diet plan
Okay, first I'll talk about the Mental place. Well She told me everything I tell her will be kept a secret except they think I'm going to hurt myself, someone else or I'm in danger of being hurt. hen they tell people. Straight away there My multiple personalities said, 'Well we wont be telling you about us.' and I thought 'Hm. Well that means I'm not going to tell you about my self harm and suicide attempts'
Seriously. Do they think I want my mum to know that? One of my doctors knows, This other mental health lady knows, its not a secret except from my family. I dont want them to get involved with THAT aspect of my possible depression. God. I hate experts and specialists.
The other thing (as says above 'Clothes') is that I shockingly managed to squish myself into a UK size 8 pair of shorts (US size 4)... My God? Corr blimey! They were on sale and weren't in a size 10 so tried on the 8s and just about got the button done up. Sure I have over hang (Errrrghh) but THEY FIT! DA DADA DAAAAAAA!! Oh and I got my ears pierced for the first time ever.


Actucally it is shocking if you knew me. I was shit scared of injections, now not so much as long as its away from my veins... and when they were pierced, it actually barley hurt! As my mum said, 'They're just fat!' the earloabs she means XD


Now for Bonge days. Well yesterday I met up with KT and we took her home this morning, I drank alot of coke zero, full fat energy drinks, 2 and a bit cookies, 1/3 paket of maryland cookies, a mars bar, half a big bar of kitkat, 3 twix sticks, couple of these cream cake things with chocolate, some doritos, egg sandwich, noodels, cereal and possibly more sweets. tomorrow I'm going back to mostly fruit and small ammounts of other the way Skinny Girl Diet goes.


Finally, my walking diet plan.

I wanted to do this a while ago but I had a shitty pedometer that turned off after a while and it was during the school term.

But its summer and this thing is 20 days long, basically includes alot of walking, drinking lots of water, and streaching on rest days. When Skei gets back from holiday we can walk together, Although We're lazy arounf each other (fuck -.-) but I'll get him to try. Shouldn't be too hard.



Another busy busy day! -.-

I had to get next years uniform too...
and new bras...
and hair dye...
and, yeah you get the point
Good night. Jokes. My beds too messy to sleep at 7 o'clock.
Well Good bye anyways.

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  1. Congrats on fitting into an 8! That's really awesome. Plus walking is very very good for the figure. Walking, water and stretching= great plan. Keep us posted!