Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Yah 2 Post Day.. [14]

ahhh :/
totally heartbroken.

Sparkie has gone to sleep now. sweet dreams baby boy. see you in heaven.

right now i'm beginning to stuff my face. had a mars bar. about to have some chips from the chippy van [corrrr] but i know i wont eat anything the next couple of days.

the next week i'll be either cutting myself, smoking or bashing things.
tomorrow i'm going to comfort Skei. and tell him my little plan [mwahaha.. no not like that..] 'lets starts over, yeah? Then maybe this time we can handle things, together...' that sort of thing.
end of coz if i go into it i'll cry.

so. hopefully gym next week. p.e thursday [kill. me.] maybe a few walks. like yesterday. and the agression i'll be portraying to most might come in handy.

'oh why weren't you here, omg we needed you for citizenship!! blah blah..'
my response?
'well my dog was put down yesterday so back to fuck up or get hit.'
coz i'm such a lovely person.
i'm thinking about starting karate and/or yoga classes... if i can find a friend to go with.
would be interesting.
learn something new, lose weight. all that.
I'm expecting a call now.
bye beauties!

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