Saturday, 15 May 2010

Shitshitshit!! [24]

Okay, I agree. Boyfriends can make you fat. But if you eat loads when he's around, even it out with a day fast or extra exercise. Thats what I do, works pretty well too.

Oh and does anyone agree that emo guy is pretty hot!! ;D I would.

Moving on.
I am starting a weight loss competition that Yum at Yummy Secrets has started. It begins tomorrow! >.< SHIIIIIIT!
Its a bit of healthy competition yanno ;) Go on Yum's blog to get the details :)

Todays been one big ol' binge really. Skei stayed over last night. Ate so much. Curry for dinner yesterday, toast with chocolate spread yesterday, cereal this morning followed by a baked potato with cheese, curry sause and baked beans.
planning on a fast from now until monday. Hopefully I'll lose weight that way and *crosses fingers* I haven't gained any weight today!! PLEASE OH PLEASE!!

I recently joined Pretty Thin, its an amazing website for people with EDs. connect with eachother and share diets and tips, Its really great! The people are so nice and just want to share their story and listen about yours :) Search for me ;)

Uhh, well thars my short update.
I'll post tomorrow with stats so far and how my fast is going
wish me luck

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