Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hmm.. :/ [15]

Not eating much. [WHEYHEY] but eating choclate and sweet things..

oh well. I should burn some of it by cleaning my room and going for a walk to pick flowers for Sparkie. Sorted things out with Skei too. One Less thing to worry about.

I think my weight is the main problem with me. Its like fat girls and tall skinny guys punch things. Not skinny little bitches. Oh how i hate them. I'll be one soon. Or some when.

I hope to loose at least 7 pounds this month. since i lost 8 last month.

I realised something the other day. I was flicking through diet blogs and pro-ana ones [I find them interesting okay?] and i found a few girls are really quite big :/ like 12 stone kind of big at, like 5 foot 4. I just think 'I'm 5'7" and I'm not that heavy!' which makes me feel better about myself.

so does watching supersize vs super skinny and all that sort of thing. And I remember in year 9 I think, We watched 'Supersize me' about this weight lifter dude in America who decided to eat nothing but mcdonalds and do no exercise. It was HORRIFIC! He threw up after eating a supersize portion of some kind of burger, And found a HAIR in I think a drink of his.


Definitley puts you off food.

Almost for life.

Definitly fast food and meat.


But moving on before I vom. I shall hopefully be doing more. I might pick flowers more often.
My 8 month anaversary on Sunday!!
Then Im seeing a comedia on Monday ! WOO!
although I've got exams next week and the week after :/
well i wish you Guys the best of Slimming!
I do love you.
O'course, If you follow...
I'll marry you ;]

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