Sunday, 30 May 2010

30/5/10 Update [33]

Yess its that dreaded day.
I have done slightly well though I must admit.
right so my HW was 160 lbs
whereas now I'm at a CW of 148lbs!
Thats nearly a whole stone!! Just 2 more lbs to go then I'm a stone lighter! Only 3 lbs to go to get to my next target weight! WHOOPEY!
And now for the measurements
Waist 30 [lost an inch]
Hips 36 [stayed the same-.-]
UnderBust 33 [lost an inch]
Bust 37 [lost an inch]
Upperarm 11 [lost 1/2 inch]
Forearm 8 [lost 1/2 inch]
Wrist 6.5 [lost an inch]
Thigh 19 [lost 1/2 inch]
Calf 13.5 [stayed the same]
Ankle 9 [same]
and I cba to do my neck.
And by the way... I didn't know you could lost inches off your wrists!! I thought they were going to stay the same the whole time!
ABC diets working for me then ;)
Although next week is going to be a struggle...
I wont be posting next week coz it'll become obvious.
Unless I post in the room I'm staying in at night... Even is Skei sees it I dont care. He knows and he knows that if he tells anyone... Well... Lets just say I've had enough of him, yeah?
Today I'm on 300 calories... and I have friends Coming over. Balls.
Thats all I wanted to say XD
Stay Strong Girls and Guys! :D
Until... Some Time Next week or maybe tomorrow morning... XD
P.S My BMI is now 23.2
and my Waist-to-hip ratio is 0.83 :S I'm at 'moderate Risk'

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