Saturday, 17 April 2010

Bloggy Numerr 2

right. been binge eating basically everyday -.-

eaten too many calories so today and tomorrow i'm going on a fast to try and make up for it. specially since i've gained 1.5 lbs from my usual weight. then when i start school on monday i shall go back to my oridginal diet plan for a week then fast for a week. no one would like the idea so i've managed to come up with ways to make my mum think i'm eating when i'm on a fast.
eat in my room then give it to my dog
take snacks to school then give them away.

and i must drink lots of water coz i think im getting a sore throte :/ it hurrrrts >.<

weight: 11 st 0.5lbs

i hav a ribbon tied to my wrist that i want my waist to be like, im nearly there aswell :)

hopefully sometime soon ill be a size 10 :D coz i reeeeeeeeeelii wanna fit in this gorgeous dress ive hd inmy cuppboard for AGES and Skei thinks its pretty. god damn arse wont let me fit in it tho :/

mental note: look up exersizes to get a smaller arse.

uhh well thats all today. ill post tomorrow about how my fast has gone and my weight and shizzle :)

ill accept any comments or whatever XD follow?
and i could do with some support, yeah?

well see you sexies tomorrow ;)

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