Wednesday, 28 April 2010

here come crazy PSYCHO BITCH! [10]

here's a little thinspo pic that i like :)
they have REALLY nice legs! <3

but anyway.

binged again -.-

fucks sake

its coz i was stressed in the i-must-eat sorta way -.-
well ill burn off extra tomorrow and eat blue berries and raspberry's tomorrow

i have p.e tomorrow too so there's quick calories gone. also the fags I've been having coz of the stress. fuck me.
done some yoga ish stretches today too. well like a second ago. coz i ache ALOT.

I've lost a pound. i measured this morning at 10 stone 12 pounds [YESSSSS!!]

okay I got home and i wasn't hungry then i had a jacket potato and i wanted toast and chocolate spread then had several digestive biscuits and chocolate -.- obviously my body likes the carbs and whatever chocolate is set as. but they are now CUT from the diet. even though theres a new loaf of brown bread I'm in love with..

i walked home again today though. yeah that's about all...

I can feel my little alter getting weaker coz I keep stuffing my fat face :/at the moment i really need her and my other one Syke or i may have a full on breakdown.

oh my god i really need a house party to go too. i have so much energy pent up that i need some way to release it. hm. or a concert :L i dance like mad at those! OMG in collage i can go to loads!that'll help me lose weight in a couple of years. reminds me, i need to think about packing, what I'm gonna take to my dads flat when i go to collage. i have a little over a year to do that though so its all good.

righty must be off. have nothing else to say XD

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