Wednesday, 21 April 2010

fast=mehh [5]

right fast day didnt go well and last night i was so upset i binged on this peanut butter thingthat was like 350 calories! >.< i cant believe how many that is!

well i didnt eat until lunch. then i nicked half of someones chocolate spread sandwich -.-

when i got home i ate 2 packets of crisps [i kno i kno no control] a big bowel of cocoa nut yogurt, and a vegetarian sheperds pie.. pftt stuffed and will not eat from now onwards. coz its past 6 oclock.

looks like my fast days turn out to be binge days -.- fuckkk...

but i think my mothers convinced that im not throwing up my food afterwards. corr... i wish i didnt eat that much i feel sick now >.< this is why i prefer to be hungry. i dont feel obese sick!

right well iv mostlikely gone into the 1000s for calories today. maybe 1100?? not sure. i couldnt ask for an estimate of calories in the pie coz my mums suspisious.
so roughly 1100. :/
most days iv managed to keep it in the 200/300 section but today i definetly binged too much. tomorrow shall be STRICT!


although i was VERY hyper today. might hav burned off around a 1/3 of what i ate? $ and walked home from the bus stop.. mehh tomorrow=STRICT!!!!!!!!

#2 I Compare Myself To EVERYONE Around Me. And With The Majority, I'm Fatter, And More Worthless In My Eyes.

i hate being fat -.-
and very under loved.

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