Sunday, 25 April 2010

oh Horrorrrrrrr >.< [8]

sunday again...

shit. next sunday i hav to do pictures again. HORROR!!
am doing fast today to lose the weight i keep putting back on. also been reaserching exrecises and how many calories they burn. its tiresome trying to be thin :/

itll all be worth it in the end :)
iv decided on fast days [now changed to weekends] ill only drink water and milk. milk is more filling and good for your bones.

i swear that size 10 dress hates me -.- i really need to lose weight in general.

apparently UK women hav gotten fatter and straighter since the 1950s figure wise.
well my waist is smaller than the current average woman.. and my boobs are bigger than average.. XD im 3 inches taller than the average woman too.. okay im not average at all :L:L my hips are a bit smaller than average too so hey shows im smaller than average until you measure my height and boobs (Y) im top heavy :/ im like an upside down triangle like guys are supposed to be. i hav broard shoulders too -.-

and my body fat percentage is lower than i thought.. 25.3% .. still need to lose it -.-

from my diet plan i hav written the maximum calorie intake for the week is aproximatly 400 calories
must stick too it or i wont lose any weight!!!!!!! ah!

then the maximum exercise of the week is:
4 days of 10-15 minutes of walking (40-60 minutes total) = 240-360 calories
kissing XD(around maybe 5 minutes 4 days a week) = 24.64 calories

thats more than my actual intake of food and thats only the things i do that i know the calories of! ill be trying to do cycling and running at the gym soon coz my mum wants to start going again and i dont mind (obviously)im trying to burn 1000 calories more than i ate, maybe a couple of extra 100 cals a day??

should help me to lose weight :)

i shall be doing sit ups [different variations as well as the norm] to build muscle so itll burn MORE calories XD im getting good at figuring things out now :) and maybe some press ups too so my arms dont get left out.. :L
also try to improve my flexibility some more, so i can do yoga properly [hopefully finding a yoga class to go to] and just be cool and yeah

#5 every promise someone breaks makes me more detremined to show them i can do something if i want it enough. i am worth something.

thats about it for todayyy

i think i wrote this over a 3 hour span :L:L just to give me something to do (Y)

so yessssss
wish me luck on my edited diet plan and exercise thingyy

love from the soon to be skinny bitch ;)

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