Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Weightloss Blog 1

Intro: Heyyy, right Im going to do this for myself, and if anyone wants to follow my footsteps feel free, i dont care :L this is just for me, im writing for my benifit. coz i wanna lose weight. :L blaitz so thats all. yes
Me Now >.<

Weight: 11 st 1 lb
consumption: carton of orange juice.
Diet Plan: Rainbow.
WILL weigh myself EVERY sunday
WILL potograph every 4 weeks.

Monday and Tuesday.
epicly failed my diet. ate crisps on monday and chocolatey sweet things on tuesday but hopefully burnt quite alot of it off *crosses fingers*
determined to follow diet on wednesday. [fast day] hopefully easy. i shall be busy with Skei all day anyway. :)

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