Sunday, 19 September 2010

"Yo Mother FUCKERRR I'm Gonna Be Ripped Blud!"

Ahhh... Right I dont know where this blog is going but hey, We'll see aye?
I had a dance audition yesterday.
About 3 hours of dance.
I can feel it in my thighs.
Kinda my arse too...
My arms haven't gotten smaller.
I can feel a bit more muscle though...
My birthday Is about 2 weeks away...
I dont have to time to be turning 16.
Or having a party.
My Gran is going to book an appointment or something at a spa for us in the half term as my birthday present.
Opting for the ditoxifying kelp/seaweed wrap type thing...
I ache. Alot.
Can barley breathe because of the pain in the back of my ribs.
I dont know if I've lost anymore weight.
Doubt it.
I have a audition for the school Christmas show.
I should be learning a song for it, but cba.
I've just realised this is a very mono-toned list of things.
I am actually sleeping, its not as broken up, but I'm now waking up at 4 in the morning and falling asleep again.
I've tried to do 10 starjumps every morning to up my motabollism...
Didn't do it today.
I've only had a bowel of yogurt and a cup of coffee.
I'm debating the pros and cons of being with Skei.
We've both got doubts that we'll last.
I'm going to find this decision hard.
Fucks sake.
I may have to take some time?


  1. It's ok baby

    Stretch off everything and you'll feel better,
    I had ballet last night and ached like hell this morning :(

    Chin up chuck xoxo

    If you're building muscle, you will actually GAIN a little on the scale. DON'T PANIC. THIS IS A GOOD THING. This muscle will actually burn calories to maintain itself while resting. This means that while you may gain a little in the short run, you WILL lose the fat in the long run as your ew muscles eat it up.

    I hope that helps, sis! :) Love you too!

  3. Peridot's not kidding - I almost had a heart attack when I started working out a lot and put on weight. No one had told me that. :(

    Sorry you're having sleep troubles. I wake up at 4am every single day as well. I have no idea why, and I still wake up then no matter what sleeping pills I take, and no matter what time I go to sleep.

    The starjumps thing sounds like a really good plan. I might try that in the mornings so I don't feel so sluggish. :D
    Have a good week, hun! xXx