Friday, 3 September 2010

Right, Lets Get Down To Bussiness (Again..)

Right, I calculated that if I have a calorie deficite of 1000 per day, I'll get to my UGW of 112lbs in about 4 months and 2 weeks.
Sounds easy.
But of course it fuckin' aint!
My stomanch hates me coz the lack of fruit I've been eating So I'm having THOSE issues.
Dont make me spell it out :(
La Toilette -.-'
But I haven't been binging which I think is good. I've been drinking alot of coffee, and changed my milk to skimmed in stead of semi-skimmed. If i drink semi-skimmed, I can now actually TASTE the extra fat in it!! I never thought I'd say something like that!! It's like once I started drink diet coke, I cant stand actual coke. And after eating special K I'd rather eat that than coco pops.. And at one point, I'd rather eat an apple than a piece of chocolate. I need to get back into that.
And this is gonna sound really bad, but... I'm kinda gonna fatten the girls up at school...
I know. Thats real bad.
But I cant help it.
As long as the packet of crisps or piece of chocolate isn't in my hands, then I don't care.
I want to be a hot girl!!
(Hense the reason that on my first day back I'm gonna wear a skirt with long black socks...)
And I'll be doing the usual take fatty shit and something healthy to school then throw the fatty shit at whoever walks past.
Okay not WHOEVER walks past but whoever wants it.
And I'll have an apple.
Or I might throw that away too...
either way, I'm gonna write down MY SGD today which is gonna be in action on Monday onwards.
Oh yah, and I'll be forced to do 90 minutes of activity a week, maybe more. PLus the extra walking.
1- 200 + 10 push ups
2- 150 +10 crunches
3- 200 + 1 lap of fields
4- 250 + 3000-4000 steps
5- 225 + 5 laps of stairs
6- 325 + heavy clothes
7- 325 + heavy clothes
8- 200 + 20 leg lifts
9- 150 + 50 crunches
10- 200 + 20 reverse crunches
11- 250 + lap of fields
12- 225 + 2 laps of fields
13- 325 + 5000 steps
14- 350 + 10 push ups
15- 200 + ballet
16- 150 + streaches
17- 225 + ballet
18- 250 + ballet
19- 225 + jog lap of fields
20- 325 + 20 crunches and pushups
21- 350 + streaches
22- 200 + 50 toe touches
23- FAST + streaches
I've noticed that most of the Tuesdays have around 150 calories on and I have P.E on Tuesdays. OH WELL!!
Get me used to nearly passing out again!
:/ I kinda miss that feeling. I sometimes get it even though I've eaten.
Okay I've rambled enough I think?
gimme some of your appearance goals
-a 2 inch gap between my thighs
-Ribs and hipbones on display
-a 24 or less inch waist
-size UK 6/US 2
Thats about it.
I love you all :)


  1. holy shit. deja vu of this post. I swear I remember dreaming that I read this. wow. crazy.

  2. Haha, if everyone else is fat, you look thin by comparison!!
    I used to totally pick the healthier/lower cal thing, too... Then bulimia hit and I started eating crap. Ugh.
    My goals:
    -Xylophone (ribs visible on my chest....had it about 15 pounds lower :P)
    -Friction-free thighs :D
    -Measurements of 31 (already at that one haha)-23-33
    -US size 00 (so UK size 2?)
    Those're kind of my ultimate goals....For right now I'd just like to fit into the US size 1's I've got, haha.

  3. Bit early?! Don't you mean a bit LATE?? It's the 4th day of spring down here! Helloooo, I'm from New Zealand? Get with the program! :p

    OMG I swear as soon as I get into the groove of picking healthy over shit, something happens (Birthday, flatmate baking, whatever) and makes my sweet tooth come back WITH A VENGEANCE. Lets work on getting back to the good ties where apples>chocolate and diet fizzy>full sugar and crackers&hummus>chips&dip

    Fuuuuuuuck I STILL haven't set September rules and goals! Can I do that on Monday? When I DON'T have to think about work? I swear the smell of ham forces my brain to hibernate D:

    Heh, ballerina legs, no double-chin and an 8-pack are my image goals :p

    Go kick some leaf piles around for me, ok? Thats the BEST part of autumn!

  4. Kaipoi was one of the worst-hit suburbs. (I think the epicenter was in Darfield.) They have no power, water or sewerage and the pics on the news from flyovers were of the streets flooded with water and crap from burst sewerage mains! GROSS!!!! DX

  5. Ok,
    Gap between thighs
    Xylophone visable
    Thin fingers
    Get rid of the bunch of fat that clumps up next to my boob when I put my arms down
    Cheekbones more prominent.