Friday, 24 September 2010

Laxative, Anyone?

Yes, I have laxatives. My mum knows.
Yes, my mum knows!
Coz I was having so much discomfort from not being able to go...
Seriously, it feels so good! I feel... I dunno, like I'm cleansing my body!
Obviously not, but hey, whatever.
the picture (just thought I'd tell you) reminds me of my Anorexic friend... not the style or face, just how fragile her body looks.
I wanna look like that, DAMN IT.
I think I'm still at 147/146
Hopefully... I'll lose some this weekend? Next week?
Omg. Speaking of...
I'm 16 in les than 2 weeks.
I'm about to eat Celery and low fat humous!! Woo!
It's actually quite nice, so was the low fat potatoe salad :)
but I ate that yesterday.
Need to get more, really...
Theres a bonfire in a near by town tomorrow.
I was going to drink, but now decided just to keep Manny out of trouble...
Seeing as last year he doesn't remember a thing. And he did some baad stuff...
Well. Kinda.
So it'll be a night of running around, watching fireworks and a big bonfire... Not eating... Hopefully.
Achh lifes so difficult, ain't it?
Ate too much -.-
Damn cereal.

1 comment:

  1. Nah, you can wear a kimono. I just want to look elegant in one when I dress up, and not being able to pisses me off. (Yup, Imma tard)

    I love having boobs. They are so useful for so many, many things. I swear, good sports brad are worth twice their weight in gold!

    My parents have he time and money to see all these good bands. They got to see Meatloaf on his last ever tour of NZ! D: I die a little inside with envy every time I remember XD

    ZOMG SWEET 16!!!!1! Got any plans? What do you want as a present? You should totally have a masquerade party and make everyone dress up in cool costumes :D