Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Photo Progress 1

Weight: 169.8lbs (FML)
Underbust (right by the underwire of bra) : 35"
Fat roll under under bust (or ribs, whichever) : 36.5"
'waist' : 35.75"
'hips' : 40.25"
weird hip/bum/thigh thing : 39.5"
fattest part of one thigh : 23.75"

Depending on how well I do I'll either update this weekly or monthly. So weekly would be every Wednesday night. Monthly would be every 4 weeks on a Wednesday.

Wish me luck, or I may become suicidal if I don't do this.

I can do this.
I want to lose weight.
I'm 100% committed to this.
I want to feel better about myself, have more confidence and finally feel 'pretty'. I also don't want the fatty-boom-boom health issues.
I can do this.
I will do this.
I want to lose weight.

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