Monday, 10 January 2011

Work It, Burn It, Use It, Lose It..

I'm not even going to think about what I've been doing this weekend. Not even going to go there.
Haven't weighed since Friday. Dont currently wanna know but I guess I'll weigh tomorrow.
Back to fasting. I've been horribly bad. Stupidfatuckingcowoodmonster. Adding small bits of exercise, ones to strengthen my ankles and legs, I have weedy ankles in training for Prom. Still cant find a dress, I'm gonna try and find somewhere to make it for me. Specially after trying on a dress and it being too baggy for my torso but too small for my tits. Dresses are made for fat girls with no tits. Sorry, but I am fat with huge tits, thats how it normally works folks.
I feel huge right now.
I hop I haven't gained too much, I mean school has kept me up, and so has cleaning, and cooking, and helping my Gran.
I found out my Mock exam results... I actually did better then I expected.
English Lang- C
English Lit - B
Maths - C
Science core - A!!
Science App - B
Citizenship - C
German Listening & Reading - B!!!
R.E - F... which made me LOL
They're only trials, I've still got the real ones to come so hopefully I'll do this well on my real ones.
I spoke to my mum about Paris. We've decided to go after Prom, when the weather should be nicer. So hopefully by then I'll be 126 or less! Dream come true. I'm once again determined to lose this weight and get to 140lobs by 31st January!!!!!! Yes.. I might go weigh myself after this post. I hate waiting til morning.
I'm getting my gym membership back for a month before Prom. Because my mummy is lovely and knows how important it is to look pretty at Prom. Me and KT are planning on going together (shes 2 years younger so she'd join me after school and on weekends) I think I'll go everyday to to gym before she comes out of school, do the gym for an hour or so, then meet her outside and book a class together :) I feel so cool.
First I must focus on loosing NOW. No more shit food, only soup if I am hungry, Maybe start walking home form the bus stop. No its too cold. Haha. Little work outs everyday for my ankles, etc. More water again, and black coffee... Damn me being so dehydrated and thinking I'm hungry.
Well I think I'll stop there.
Here's a really nice song my friend just linked me to...
Emma's Imagination - This Day

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  1. I have small boobs, so I have the opposite problem. Haha! Good luck finding the right dress. Even if it's too expensive to have someone make your dress, perhaps they could tailor one that you find. Like bring in the waist of one that fits in your boobs. I hope you'll post a picture of the dress you finally decide on. Being in college now, I really miss dressing up for those formal dances.

    Ahh, soup sounds good.