Friday, 8 October 2010

Taking A Break For Myself.

I officially have nothing left to lose.
Me and Skei are officially broken up. Yeah I know.
I've accepted it, its just going to be difficult to live knowing he no longer loves me, and its all my fault.
I also feel like a failure right now, I'm still in the 140's and I cant stand it.
I'm going to take a break from posting for a while, to get myself together, lose until I get into the 130's, then I'll be back.
Currently fasting my imperfections away. It does help being completely numb and somehow heartbroken, fasting is giving me something else to focus on.
Maybe I'll get myself a re-bound.
Maybe I'll get into a new relationship.
Maybe I'll turn to drink and drugs to help ease my pain.
Fuck knows.
I'm just going to see where the world takes me.
I'll be back.
Wish me luck once again, on my little journey to find myself.


  1. I'm so sorry sweetheart, I hope you are okay. You can make it through this, just focus on your fasting and being yourself. Don't turn to drugs, thy are way to hard to get out of trust me. Alcohol is the same plus is has a shit load of calories and carbs. Which is unfortunate. Lots and lots of love,
    L ♥

  2. Oh sis, I love you.

    I wish I was there to give him the bash and tell him he never deserved you.

    Take care of yourself and come back soon.


  3. Take care of yourself hun, and come back soon! You deserve someone who loves you unconditionally!!

  4. that sure sounds good honey, be back soon though

  5. I'm very sorry to hear you're going through such a rough time.
    Take care but do what you have to do to get through it. And come back soon. We love you.