Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Ferme Votre Bouche!

Right Now I hate blogger.
It's pissing me off.
I CAN'T COMMENT! (Which brings me to say 'Periiiii I misss youu :( Fuckin' blogger wont let me comment, I'm not being a bitch and ignoring you! Bloggers being an ARSE HOLE! GAHHHH!! >:[' )
And not it wont even let me upload a picture.

I'm already in a bad enough mood because of my massive late night binge and failed attempt to purge. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GUYS PUKE? I can't do it unless I've had obsene amounts of alcohol!
Now I feel fat, bloated and ill.

Breatharian-iam went out the window a few hours after I started.
Fuck that.
I'm just gonna fast. Basically the same thing. Who cares. I wanna die pretty soon anyway. Might as well start killing myself off now!

Who wants the gossip on Skei?
I'm gonna tell you anyway. I was with him yesterday, when we first saw each other he played me a song he wrote. For me.
Later on he asked me to Prom even though he's not going coz he hasn't paid but he says he's gonna try to go.
THEN he asked me out. Asked me to be his girlfriend again. Know what I said?
'No. Not until you prove to me you have changed. I wont go out with you.'
Feel proud of me bitchess XD

Seeing him tomorrow... I don't know what I'm doing. I'm playing with fire. WITH FIRE!
I'm just too stupid to notice.

Had a massive clean of my room. Now I'm organising. But it's too late to finish so it'll all end up on the floor in a bit. I'm shattered. I don't even know what I'm doing with myself anymore...

I guess that's it for the night. I want my pillow -.-

Good night. I'll try and fix this fucking comment problem!
Liebe das Kodii

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  1. I've never puked, I've always exercised or restricted the calories away. Puking is addictive and even more dangerous to your health than fasting! It also leaves hella damage on your teeth from the acid, cut marks on your hands and makes you stink. Any purge could imbalance your electrolytes so much you have a heart attack. I stick to more 'invisible' methods of calorie-riddance :/ Slower, but it works just as well.

    I've missed you too! Ugh it sucks that you binged *Huggles* hang in there, the shit feeling WILL pass. I've modified the SGD to follow this month. I've basically added 1000 to all the intakes, I count fruit&vege, do calisthenics every day and go to the gym 3 days a week. Day one down, 29 to go!
    (The intakes are up there since I don't wanna root my metabolism or trigger a binge, and I can't fast at work since I have a high-impact standing job)

    Good on you for drawing a line with Skei! You do need to set boundaries and stick to your guns on what will make you happy.

    Love you, sleep well!