Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cake For Breakfast Anyone?

120 crunches.
close to a slice of chocolate cake.
close to a slice of cheese cake.
4 teaspoons full of potato salad.
5 mini doughnuts.
3 cream and jam rolls.
2 shortbread biscuits.
2 laxatives.

My breakfast.
After that I became determined to become a proper Breatharian. I spent the rest of my morning reading through the research I printed yesterday. I seem to connect well with religious and spiritual reasons for fasting. It's weird.
Although Breatharians don't consume anything (even liquids or water) I'm going to allow myself water. And alcohol at parties. *laugh* I may go out on the treadmil if Manny doesn't give me a text... We're supposed to go see The Hangover Part 2 today but he didn't text or show up yesterday, he might just forget again. -.-'
I need a fag.

I tried on some of my dresses that are in my cupboard last night...
One I could easily pull on. A bit tight around the boobs but most of my dresses are. Dress number 2, couldn't zip up what so ever. Number 3 I had to hook the top bit first before having to turn it around and zip it up. Didn't completely zip up. Number 4 and 5, the seems cracked a bit as I pulled them over my boobs. Wasn't really expecting that.
I may go downstairs and do some cleaning with my extra ankle weights and my electric muscle contractor thing on my waist. I'm keeping focus on my waist as it's, well, massive. Last time I measured it, it was 34 inches. Not. Fucking. Good.

I miss being 147lbs. Gaining this weight has made me realise how slim I looked at 147 even though I thought I was big and saw no difference. I now see it. And wish I had it back.

Well I'm off to see what I can do down stairs. Then I'll clean my room.

I love you all :)
Viele Liebe Kodiee

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  1. Breatharianism is a swift road to a brisk bout with kidney failure. I'm glad to hear you're drinking water, but that shit is completely retarded. Seriously.

    WTF is up with Skei? o.O

    Lol, I was planning on burning my school uniform, but never got around to it. It makes a GREAT halloween costume now!

    I did your dress thing with my Warehouse 'vanity size 8 pants'. Nasty, it was fucking NASTY.

    Love you, sis. Hope you're doing well!